The Top 5 Most Useful Extracurricular Courses

Extracurricular courses combine the benefits of any extracurricular activity — learning time management, developing diverse interests, learning the art of long-term commitment, raising self-esteem, and of course having something that looks great on a college application — with the benefits of every other course. Going further, online courses like the recently-mainstream field of massively open online courses or MOOCs have produced a tremendous variety of fascinating opportunities from some of the leading colleges, universities, graduate schools, companies, and more. In most cases, many of these courses are backed by a very significant level of resources.


Nevertheless, there are hundreds, if not thousands of courses you can take for free online, and the level of quality can vary a lot. Choosing the right one is therefore crucial. Here are some of the most useful, the most highly regarded, and — most importantly — the most fascinating courses available featuring some of the best professors from the world’s best schools.

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Improve Your Memory With Hypnosis

Have you ever seen how you generally have bother remembering one thing and the tougher you attempt to remember it the tougher it turns into? Then later that day, while you’d forgotten about trying to recollect, the identify, reply or information you needed simply popped into your head?

The data was there the entire of the time of course but you have been experiencing what Emile Coue referred to as the “Regulation of Reversed Effect”.

And of course we all know how the thoughts can wander when we are feeling relaxed and all sorts of reminiscences can move up into acutely aware awareness. This can occur even more simply utilizing hypnosis.

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Problem Solving & Logical Thinking Skills

If you enjoy using your critical thinking skills to solve difficult problems, then you are in for a treat. We have a wide variety of puzzles and problems that are designed to stretch your mind to the limit. Did you know that regularly engaging in problem solving games can greatly improve your success in life? Check out these potential benefits.

1. Higher IQ

One of the things IQ tests measure is critical thinking skills. Like any skill, your problem solving and critical thinking abilities can be improved with practice. Take one of our free IQ tests today, then spend a few weeks with our problem solving games. The second time you take the IQ test, your score will most likely have risen.

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Brain Games For Kids Are Great Tools For Teaching

Children love to learn as long as it is fun. Combining teaching with fun and games makes learning fun and when it is fun, kids will want to play again and again. These games have been called brain games and brain games for kids are an excellent way to jump start the learning process. The brain needs exercise too! You can think of these games as exercise for the mind.

There are lots of toys online that will also act as brain games. Some of them are very cleverly disguised. One very popular group of toys that are also great exercises for your child’s brain would have to be Lego’s. That’s right all of those blocks that can used to build anything that you can imagine go a long way for your child’s brain and critical thinking. They have to be put together in a logical way or they will not work. Some of the more advanced Lego sets have hundreds of small pieces that must be used properly or the whole building process might not work. The beauty of these toys is the fact that they are fun, engaging and entertaining. They will keep your children busy for hours and they are using their brains the entire time.

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The Future of Video Gaming

Video games have been one of the best selling forms of media since their invention. They have always managed to find their way into the latest and fastest technology, sometimes even pushing the limits of what can be manufactured. And the faster the technology advances, the more complex and interactive video games become.

Although many people have computers today, even more have cell phones and other smart devices. It was inevitable that video games would usurp these devices and turn them into game platforms. Once a demand was expressed, the manufacturers of new mobile phones began to cater their designs to high end game playing.

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Top 10 Scientific Discoveries

Science has transformed the way we live and has given us more than we could ever dreamt of. The scientific discoveries represent one of the most important gifts we could ever receive, since they improved our way of living, allowing us to really enjoy the life on planet earth. What are the most important scientific discoveries ever? The next 10 scientific breakthroughs are probably the most important for humanity.

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Branches of Science

The branches of Science also known as Scientific fields or Scientific disciplines are well illustrative on the definition of Science and the areas it covers. The three main subdivisions are Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences and Life Sciences.
Physical Sciences can be defined as the study of non living matter. Sciences included on this division are Chemistry and Physics. Chemistry deals with the study of matter and all its important details like the structure, physical and chemical properties, and composition. Some subcategories of Chemistry are Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, BioChemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. Physics is a natural Science that deals with the study of force and energy.
Earth Sciences are Sciences that deal with the study of earth and some of its subjects include Paleontology, Geology, Seismology, Meteorology and Geomorphology.
Life Sciences are all about the study of living organisms and some subjects under this division focus on the study of internal functions, structures of cells and tissues. Subcategories under Life Sciences are Biology, Botany and Zoology, Ecology, and Genetics.

Bullying at School

There are various types of bullying but bullying at school specifically refers to bullying which a child is subjected to during the time at school. Intimidating or causing harm on purpose to another person describes this act. It can come in different ways such as verbal, physical or emotional bullying. In most cases, all these types of bullying affect schoolchildren at the same time. Other types of bullying include cyber-bullying, homophobic bullying and sexual bullying.

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Unwanted Text Messages

Have you been receiving unwanted text messages and calls for long time from your ex-wife, ex-husband, friend or other people you know but made it clear you don’t want to deal with them? Well , this can be very frustrating and in some cases even frightening .However , there are several tips that can help you deal with unwanted text messages and calls without worsening the situation or putting yourself in any kind of danger .(as may be the case if you choose to confront them)

Tips to deal with persistent unwanted text messages

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Tips for Healthy Living and Healthy Eating

Healthy living and healthy eating doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you think.

You don’t have to run marathons, become a body-builder, crash-diet or avoid any and all foods that you enjoy. Healthy living and eating is as simple as getting the proper amount of sleep, maintaining a healthy balance in the foods you eat, and exercising at least a couple of times a week.

The most important thing about healthy living and healthy eating is to make sure you don’t have any bad habits that are literally killing you.

If you smoke, it’s important that you quit as soon as possible- smoking is a huge problem for your body and will keep you from being as healthy as you can be. More people die from smoking-related diseases than any other. Second-hand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking, if you don’t smoke, try to avoid second-hand smoke if at all possible.

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Most people tend to hold in patterns of tension emerging from daily stress, lack of exercise, bad posture, or other dire habits. These patterns make us stiff and directly interfere with our movements. As everything in a human body is connected, stiffness and restricted movements can in turn affect our mental flexibility, interfering with our thoughts and our physical actions.

POSTURE AND STRETCHESRegular stretching exercises not only allow us to think and act more freely, but can also help us move less restricted. In fact, by stretching ligaments, tendons and muscles, we make them stronger and more efficient. Furthermore, these lengthening actions also help us to walk and stand taller, and the joints, able to go through their full range of movements, will be much better supported.

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Personalized Books for Children

Personalized books for children are one of the best gifts that you can give a young child, baby, or a friend at a baby shower, and I can say this from experience. When I was very young, possibly four or five, my mother bought me a personalized book in which little Ross and his baby brother become conductors on a train. That simple gift not only gave me immense joy then, but is still a treasured family possession, and I now read it to my own child.

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Training and Skills Development

In addition to educational requirements, there is usually a specific set of skills required for a person to embark upon and succeed within a chosen career. It is important to possess the required skills prior to interviewing for a job that requires those skills. For those individuals who have not yet developed the skills required for a particular career, there is a host of training packages available for Australians. In fact, job seekers may be eligible for up to $800 in work related training as a part of this plan.

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Educational Programs

Once a career path has been established, a person needs to take steps to complete any educational requirements necessary for entry and success in his or her chosen career. This set of requirements will vary depending upon the chosen career path. This site has information on the plethora of educational and training courses available to students in Queensland and other areas of Australia.

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Good Education leads to a Good Career

In today’s world of tough competition among job seekers it has become extremely difficult to make a career choice sought for years. Under such conditions education plays the most important role in building ones career. Gaining proper education at the correct time leads to a superior standing in a specific field and eventually shows the way to successful career building. Universities with higher educational qualities are likely to fetch more high rated jobs for their students as compared to graduates from other lesser known educational institutions. This shows that better the education is, easier it is to make a good career.

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Cover Letter Etiquette and Guide

There are no exceptions to the rule. If you are sending out a resume, you have to include a short, but detailed cover letter. It needs to be treated with the same amount of thoughtfulness, as your resume. If you don’t follow this rule, you will be making a critical mistake!
There are three major types of cover letters. The application letter is a response to an advertized job posting. A prospecting letter inquires about possible positions and a networking notice will request information, and possibly, assistance in a job search.
It should be obvious that an effective cover letter will state the reasons why a job seeker is submitting a resume, the qualifications that are being offered, and an indication as to where he or she learned of the position. Also mentioned in this write-up is the job title, and an identification or reference number, if applicable.

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Land That Job

As more and more Australians are finding themselves out of work, the competition for available employment opportunities is becoming fierce. Many people have been steadily employed for such a long time, that modern day job searching is unfamiliar territory. Historically, an unemployed individual could buy a few newspapers, visit the local unemployment office, and find themselves re-employed relatively quickly. With the current economy in such turmoil, however, that scenario just isn’t so.

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How to write an academic article

Academic articles are categorized as either original, theoretical or review articles. The original articles comprise of reports and detail research results of an academic. Theoretical articles on the other hand are those that entail theory formulation grounded on research. In review articles, an academic conducts a critical review of work already published. It is important to determine the type of academic article one wants to write before beginning in order to enable compliance with writing conventions.

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Spiceing up a drab doorm room

As a college freshman I was a bit shocked when I first walked into my dorm room. Bland would be a kind term to describe what the room looked like. It quickly became apparent I needed a few dorm room ideas for decorating and making things more comfortable. So I did what most college freshmen do. I ask my fellow students what to do! Combining the best ideas I managed to eventually end of with a livable room that expressed my tastes without infringing on my roommate tastes and ideas.

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Art Education

Art Education Degrees from Academy of Art University combine theory and practice to create a one-of-a-kind program.

An Art Education degree offers the most comprehensive and versatile education in the visual arts that art education schools can provide by:

  • Refining perceptual, problem solving and aesthetic valuing skills
  • Connecting communication and visual literacy skills
  • Expanding cultural and historical perspective
  • Extending and applying the visual arts across other disciplines and real world experience

Through the Art Education curriculum students learn to reflect on their learning process and apply these insights to future teaching in a variety of venues. Students from the Art Education school will graduate with a Visual Arts Portfolio and a Presentation Journal of Reflective Practice and Lesson Plans.

Nursing Schools

The number of people taking the nursing career path has been on the rise in the recent past. This has led to the emergence of a number of institutions offering nursing courses. This makes it hard for potential students to choose a nursing school. To help pick the best one, a survey on a number of aspects should be carried out.

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Four Reasons College Students Need a Credit Card

College is a formidable time in your child’s life. For most, college is the first time a child gets a taste of being financially dependent—even if that’s just working a part-time job and using the paycheck to pay for groceries, coffee runs, and gas. Regardless of whether a child’s financial independence is marginal or large, college is the perfect setting for kids to develop a responsible relationship with finances. Continue reading

How the financial crisis has affected interest rates

The financial crisis was partially brought about by a long period of low mortgage rates in the 1990’s and part of the 2000’s in the United States. Many home buyers were able to buy their homes using mortgages with adjustable rates, which started out with a low rate for the first two years and were thereafter adjusted to the prevailing market rate. The buyers expected the value of their homes to continue to appreciate, so that they could continue repaying their mortgages at a low rate.

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How to select the perfect job applicant

Maybe you are still a bit new in the HR department, and you have just been informed that you are going to join the interviewing panel so as to select the best candidate for the job. This may be an anxious moment for you, as you not only have to do the job well, but also prove to the rest of the interviewing panel and company directors as well that you are competent enough to make vital decisions in the company. Even if you will be the only interviewer, here is how to select the perfect job applicant: Continue reading

The Most Important College Event

There are various events important for college students.  Freshmen Orientation, the very first final exam, final exams in general, the first day in cafeteria, Homecoming, and of course Graduation. However, in reality Spring Break is the single most important event in the life of majority of college students in the United States of America!

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Why Is Anthem College Great?

This college is amazing because, first of all, students have the opportunity to take classes at a traditional school or online. There are famous universities that still not have reached this mark yet. The medical billing and coding classes are also the best in the entire country. A teacher does not get hired unless they absolutely know their stuff. This school is getting popular by the day. Almost every single city has one of these schools within it.

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Knight Science Journalism

Knight Science Journalism is a program offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The program is offered for a period of one year. During this period, there will be workshops and boot camps that may last a full week. The program purpose is to shed more light on sciences such as medicine, engineering, digital media and technology. In addition, the program captures comments and opinions about sciences as well as health stories from across the world on a daily basis.

This program is meant to bring journalists together who, have demonstrated high level of excellence in their journalism career especially those who have achieved a distinguished accomplishments. The program attracts participants from all over the world and everyone is treated in a similar manner. Continue reading

Healthy Food for Students

When it comes to studying, the food you take as a student will play an important role on your learning abilities and your educational success. After all, with the right amount of nutrition, your brain will always have peak performance and you can understand and remember your lessons much more easily than before.

So whether you are looking for healthy energizing snacks during the exams season, or simply curious to find healthy food to enjoy all year long as a student, here are some ideas for the best healthy food for students to bring long lasting powerful results.

Top 5 Healthy Food for Students:

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Top apps a student should have on their phone

An iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world, especially among teenagers and students, not because of its design and hardware performance, but because of the operating system, and many applications that make it the most powerful mobile device on the market.

Computer without applications is only a box on the table; in the same way we can say that an iPhone without applications is just a plain nice mobile phone. We recommend that its transformation into a miniature computer start with installing free apps and discover what you need. Even if you do not find what you need, by using the free application you will collect useful experience and knowledge with which you will appropriately choose application are paid, but that you need. Continue reading

Tips: How to survive high school

High school is a daunting prospect for very many students. Academic essay writing in High School can be complicated for students. That’s why some children prefer getting high school essay help from writers. is one of such custom writing sites. They are worried about a lot of stuff which may actually not be that important. High school is a very essential part of our lives especially when it comes to socializing and preparing our futures. Below are some tips which will help you get through high school pretty well.

Be nice and have your principles

Be friendly to your fellow students and teachers. Always have a smile for everybody. But you should take care since your smile may be misinterpreted. When it comes to teachers be respectful and nice to them but do not try too hard as this will make other students dislike you. Never allow yourself to be pressured into doing something that you do not want to do. Continue reading

The benefits of living on campus while in college

Post by: Brad Murray: Picking your degree is hard, but once you’ve finally decided between a   Masters in Accounting, or a Pre-Med Degree, you still have other important decisions to make. One such decision is whether or not to live on, it may be hard deciding whether to stay on campus or off campus. Many students may have issues with staying on campus especially when they think of the fact that there may be some form of controlled exercised on them by the house matron. Some students like to stay on campus because it gives them a better chance to stay focused and do their homework. Whatever the case, there are many benefits to living on campus and some of these are highlighted below. Continue reading

London accommodation

For a student who chooses to study abroad from New Zealand, finding London accommodation can be tough while staying in London. There is so much that needs to be done before flying to this beautiful city. The best way to find a place to stay while living abroad is online. You can find extended stay Continue reading

Guide To Finding The Best Student Accommodation

To make the most of your college or university experience, it is very important that you find the appropriate student housing while finishing up your Master’s degree program.  It can be hard to stay focused when you are so close to the finish line. Depending on where you live while completing your Masters in Social Work will determine if you will go to school full time or part time. Sometimes students choose to live on campus so that they have no distractions while finishing the last year or two of school. Others want to live off campus so they can enjoy the social aspect more. Continue reading

What to Expect From a MPH

Making the decision to seek any type of advanced degree is a major one – and should be based on a combination of your personal interests and goals, as well as the career prospects after you graduate.   One degree area that opens a world of possibilities is the  Masters of Public Health, or MPH degree. With job opportunities in both the public and private sectors, in diverse areas ranging from accounting and research to education and patient care, public health is a fascinating and growing field that allows you to reap the rewards of serving others. Continue reading

Composing And Delivering Effective Internal Communications

Communications within the workplace are vital to the success of a company. Employees and management need to have a clear and consistent way to exchange information. The structure of these messages should be concise so that the reader knows exactly what is happening and is not left with a number of questions. This can best be achieved by developing various templates that can be used to describe a change in policy or a new task in ways that construct a complete and unambiguous picture of what the reader needs to do.

Once internal communications have been written effectively then they also need to be delivered in a way that gets the attention of the target audience.  Some businesses have strong internal networks where each employee at a computer is hooked into a central messaging system. This is a very efficient way to disseminate important internal messages instantly so that they will be read and seen immediately. Continue reading

How to choose the correct bedding for your dorm

The first big question for every newly enrolled college student, after deciding what major and what college, is nothing but how to decorate dorm room. Obviously the bed is most prominent item in dorm room and therefore, the big part of this question is how to select dorm bedding. Most of the college students think it a perfect time to choose a bedding of their own tastes and styles and to get rid of their parents’ picked bedding at their homes.

How To Pick Dorm Bedding?

Your dorm room bedding idea should base on the bed size. Mostly, there’re standard twin beds at the college dorms to accommodate taller individuals. You should check your bed size to make sure that your selected bedding doesn’t waste your time and money and fits a long twin easily. Picking wider bedding than the twin bed may serve your purpose of hiding storage bins under your bed. Continue reading

Get six sigma training to increase your company’€™s profit

The six sigma, developed by Motorola, checks for any defect in its product lines and any delay in implementation. It is a process where the defective products are identified and sorted. Any product which surpasses its parameter, is considered free of defects. It has a business and statistical aspect. While six sigma training aims at eliminating the defective and waste production in an industry. Thus, reducing the unnecessary expenses involved in production and servicing processes. It also helps in eliminating redundant and unused activities in a manufacturing unit. It follows the DAMIC phase, which involves defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and control. Nowadays, personals skilled in six sigma are the first choice of a company. Continue reading

Special Programs in English Language and Literature

Individuals who wish to master the English language can choose from a host of courses and university education programs in English. In fact, some universities contain a School of English, which functions much like an English Language Institute. Because university English programs and courses are becoming so popular, there is an increasing number of English language and literature curriculum for all grades, especially senior prep classes. Some university schools of English even engage in active student recruitment. They entice students to join their schools by highlighting fun events associated with the school of English, such as school groups who sing in English, and an annual School of English New Year party.
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The Role of International Studies Programs

The continually developing international marketplace has highlighted the need for university programs in international studies. Students can choose from an increasing number of foreign language courses, including courses in English, Spanish, French, and a variety of Asian languages. Additionally, courses in anthropology and cultural sensitivity are available for students who wish to become prepared for a career in international business or those who simply wish to learn how to improve their ability to relate to individuals of different cultural backgrounds. Many international studies programs also include opportunities for students to immerse themselves in a variety of international cultures through special study abroad programs.


The Role of Faculty in Professional Development

One of the greatest resources available to university students is a well trained faculty and support staff. Professors and other members of the university faculty are more than paid paid instructors. They serve as role models and mentors for students, and they provide guidance and inspiration to students who are enrolled in their courses. Most important, professors encourage students to achieve good results and can provide face to face feedback on assignments and student progress. This feedback can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and get a head start on their professional development.

Recognition of Student Achievements

For many students, the recognition provided by faculty and university officials serves as a major motivating factor in their learning careers. Universities have many honor societies and scholarship opportunities available for students who achieve good results. Many universities have special advanced programs available for students who graduated at the top of their preparatory school classes. Students who maintain a high grade point average may be eligible for tuition discounts and academic scholarships, while students who are athletically gifted can explore the availability of athletic scholarships. University students who excel in the college classroom and in the athletic arena are often recognized by university newspapers and yearbooks, and during commencement ceremonies. This recognition is a major source of inspiration to students as they leave university life to concentrate their efforts on building their careers.

Getting ACCA or CIMA Qualification

Both ACCA and CIMA degrees are among most respected and internationally recognised qualifications that can be attained in finance and business career. Owners of ACCA and CIMA diplomas are highly regarded qualified specialists, therefore, many of them occupy key positions in industry. However, ACCA as well as CIMA programme is quite costly. Let’s have a closer look to what ACCA and CIMA qualifications represent.

ACCA (Association of Charted Certified Accountants) is one of the world’s leading, fastest-growing and globally recognised accountancy bodies founded in 1904. ACCA is an undergraduate professional degree in accountancy. This qualification will open you the doors to many career paths in accountancy, finance and management. ACCA professional organisation consists of more than 130.000 members and over 360.000 students throughout the world.

CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is a UK professional accountancy body that focuses on the training and qualifying of accountants in business. Holding CIMA qualification is an indisputable benefit for your CV. Continue reading

Health and excersizes

Let’s face it – everyone wants to be healthy. The problem is, most people are unaware of what it actually takes to get there. Many people feel that health is synonymous with healthy eating and dieting. While this is true in many ways, it is only a small part of the picture. In other words, maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes more than just eating right. If exercise is left out of the equation, you will only reap a small benefit from your hard work. When exercise is introduced to healthy eating, however, a synergistic effect occurs. This is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading


Dancing is one of the world’s most versatile art forms, and for many different reasons. It is as much sport as it is art, and combines the concepts of fitness, conceptual art and much more. There are many reasons why one who has never danced should become involved. It is widely considered good practice to begin dance as early in life as possible, as, like music, it is an art-form that is easy and accessible to learn yet nearly impossible to master. Continue reading

Company Web Portfolios

Your online presence is arguably the most important aspect of your corporate image these days, with practically the entire world able to see you at the click of a link. Having a portal that offers visitors reason to want to learn more about you helps to expand your visibility and gives you brand recognition that was just not available to even the giants twenty years ago. Making sure that you have done all that you can do to present your best marketing material everywhere is now more important than ever.

These days you need to focus on creating a comprehensive company web portfolio – Joomla Web Design is that cutting edge along with content management and search engine optimization that will get your site noticed, and retain those first time visitors, turning them into long term happy customers. While it is easy to create a web page with all the tools available, it is becoming more important to have a professional image that transcends the Internet and manifests itself in all of your marketing materials, from corporate logos to domain names and even the way you handle email.

Top companies are already on the bandwagon, focusing their energies on a seemless strategy of integration and giving consumers of their products a single face in any media, one that they trust and recognize. Look at the marketing efforts of the giants of any industry and you will find that they have all the pieces tied together. From their radio ads to their letterhead, their corporate website to the logo on their building, they have embraced a convergence of one message, one company in every media format. If you are ready to take your company to the next level, consider having a corporate presence developed by professionals that ties all these pieces together. Continue reading

Get Finances in Order


Use the skills you learned in college to become highly educated about your personal finances. Understand the debts you arecarrying for student loans, credit cards, car payments, and any other debt. Write down your debts and your current income. Do a personal audit listing all your debts. If you are carrying debt, you are going to require an income, even if it is not in your field to cover expenses while you job hunt. While student loans are not due immediately, you will want to have some cash available when the bills do come. Debt can have an impact on what you can afford to do next. It is important to address it. Continue reading

Create a Budget

savingIf you have a job in your field, making the income you planned for, long term budgeting may be easier. If not, you will have to budget based on the income you are able to earn. Budgets should list the necessities first, food, clothing, and shelter. Even if you have not received your loan payments, start putting an amount aside in the budget to get used to living without that amount monthly. Try estimating a higher amount than you think you will need. It is always easier to live with more money later, than less.

Once the basic financial needs are met, the world holds many more opportunities. It is easier to relocate, to travel, and to try new jobs out of attraction, not income requirements. Career planning is at the core of this freedom. Utilizing college career centers for job placement, employment skills, and alumni and employer networking is critical. Employment is the solution to having the financial freedom to pursue your dreams Continue reading

Apply for a Student Loan

Paying for college education is becoming more based on loans and students and parents need to become educated about the process.

application-for-a-student-loanOne common mistake made by students and parents is assuming that because they will not be eligible for financial aid they should not fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students should always fill out the FAFSA, as this is the method for students to be eligible for not only grants and scholarships but also the federal loan programs. Even some of the private loan companies are requesting students fill out the FAFSA.

One excellent place to start the education process about loans is the college financial aid website. Most colleges have become very high tech regarding financial aid. If a college does not have a great site, look at another one that does. The Department of Education also has a website for financial aid that discusses the FAFSA and federal loan programs. This will give students and parents a starting point to ask questions of college financial aid officers at their own colleges.

The FAFSA will determine eligibility for federal loan programs. Certain loans require specific definitions of need and coursnew-graduatee credit loads in order to be eligible to borrow the money. Students are required to complete a tutorial and application to establish that they understand the loan process and electronically sign for acceptance of the loan. There are limits to each loan per year. Some of the loans defer payment until after graduation. Not all do which is why it is important to read the loan contract. Parents may also be eligible to borrow money to assist the child in paying for the college costs.

Private loans are also available for students who require additional resources. In some cases, cosigners are required. Some of these lenders also require filing a FAFSA as part of their application process. Continue reading

Art education

Art Education Degrees from Academy of Art University combine theory and practice to create a one-of-a-kind program. An Art Education degree offers the most comprehensive and versatile education in the visual arts that art education schools can provide by:

  • Refining perceptual, problem solving and aesthetic valuing skills
  • Connecting communication and visual literacy skills
  • Expanding cultural and historical perspective
  • Extending and applying the visual arts across other disciplines and real world experience
  • Art Education Schools – Go to the Academy of Art University, a school built for artists by artists.

Through the Art Education curriculum students learn to reflect on their learning process and apply these insights to future teaching in a variety of venues. Students from the Art Education school will graduate with a Visual Arts Portfolio and a Presentation Journal of Reflective Practice and Lesson Plans. Continue reading

The special education process

What is school of ed?
Special education is individualized instruction in groups or through special services or programs to meet the specific needs of students with disabilities. The services and special educational programs provided without charge to parents.

What are the steps to take in the special education process ?
First step: initial referral for special education services Students identified with a disability are referred to a multidisciplinary committee called the special education or preschool special education committee .

Second step: individual assessment process
The committee prepares an assessment of strengths and needs of the student.

Third step: determine eligibility for special education services The committee, based on the results of the evaluation , determines whether the student is eligible to receive services and special education programs .

Step Four: individualized education program (IEP )
If the child is eligible for special education services , the committee develops and implements an appropriate IEP based on the results of the evaluation, to meet the needs of the student . Based on the IEP , the committee must determine the student’s placement , ensuring that services are provided in the least restrictive environment ( LRE). Placement must be as close as possible to the student’s home and unless the student’s IEP requires other arrangements , the student must be educated in the school that he / she would attend if not disabled .

Step Five: Annual Review / Reevaluation
The committee modified or revised by the IEP during each annual review. At least every three years a student is reassessed to ensure that programs and services continues to need special education to review the IEP, as appropriate . A reassessment can also occur when conditions warrant or when requested by the parent or teacher.

The process occurs sequentially with each step solidified by the previous step. In this way, is obtained and considered information about the student . To avoid unnecessary delays , we plan a calendar of key dates. Parents , of which is expected to close involvement , are integral to this process. Annual Review / Reevaluation How can we ensure that my child’s program  is meeting your needs?

At least once a year, you and the committee members will review your child ‘s IEP ( a). You may be asked to meet before the year. You together, decide if you need any changes in your child’s program. This process is known as the annual review.

At least once every three years , the school district re-evaluate your child. This is known as reappraisal (Previously known as the assessment every three years). Additional information required as part of this reevaluation , the school district will ask for your written consent to conduct the necessary tests . A reevaluation must be sufficient to determine their individual needs nin, the educational progress and successes, the ability of your child to participate in regular education classes , or below for special education services if it continues remain eligible. Continue reading

Australian hostels

Hostels are very particular in Australia, are much like student hostels, but they are private companies with more flexible rules. If you are looking for accommodation for a short time, this is your best option. Prices range from AU $ 25 and AU $ 90 per night per person, depending on whether you choose to share a room with 4, 6 or 8 or choose a single or double.

Our advice: It’s not as easy to choose from your country what hostel you best, considering that not all web pages show the reality. Most hostels are still far from being clean and safe, especially in large cities.

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